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On November 10, 1993, my wife's birthday, I received a present - Jethro Tull was playing in Albuquerque and we were going to the concert and the sound check! We had already driven to San Diego in September to see "the boys" play at SDSU (my Alma Mater), but the breakdown of a planned South American tour had resulted in a second "backwoods and backwater" tour of the USA.

Here's Ian, my wife Karen with our son Dietrich Ian, and your's truly posing for a photo after the sound check. One of my daughters told me later that it's not "cool" to wear a tee shirt from the group to that group's concert - should I have worn a Spice Girls shirt? Don't think they were around then - oh, well!

Anyway, as the result of winning the first stage of a radio contest, we had two seats on the 12th row, and a near-complete set of CDs (not counting boxed sets). In the final stage we won the sound check admission and two seats on the front row (and I had already purchased five seats on the 2nd row).

And if all that weren't enough, Karen managed to catch one of Doane Perry's signature drumsticks at the finale!

Here are a few photos from the November 1997 Albuquerque show at Popejoy Hall:

Tull has been my favorite musical group for over 30 years, yet thanks to the discussions regarding Ian's lyrics and their poetic and literary meanings posted on the Cup of Wonder website I'm gradually gaining a higher level of appreciation for this very underrated and oft overlooked minstrel. JT = Rock for the Thinking Man!

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