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Of all the States, New Mexico hosts what is arguably the longest segment of the original Mormon Battalion Trail. The Battalion entered the northeast corner of Nuevo Mexico on 27 September 1846, following the Cimmaron Cutoff of the Santa Fe Trail. Leaving Santa Fe, they traveled south along the Rio Grande, following the old Spanish El Camino Real before turning west to exit via New Mexico's extreme southwest corner on 30 November.

Curiously, little has been done in New Mexico to recognize and commemorate the Battalion's feat. We have a distinctive monument along Interstate 25 between Santa Fe and Albuquerque that was re-erected and rededicated in 1996 (it had been in storage since the original highway was realigned when I-25 was first constructed!), but little else.

We are involved in:

  • Organizing and supporting Boy Scout Mormon Battalion Trail Treks
  • Identifying and marking the Mormon Battalion Trail in New Mexico
  • Educating the public on the contributions of non-indigenous settlers to the history of the Southwest
  • Keeping the Spirit of Service alive in true Battalion fashion

You are invited to become a 21st Century Pioneer by joining us in this effort. For more information and to receive an invitation to attend an organizational meeting, please contact the Interim

The Battalion Trek has come to a successful conclusion!
A small group of reenactors has hiked the entire 2000+ mile trail and was in New Mexico during the fall of 2008. BSA members (youth and adult) who marched with the Trek may be eligible for the Mormon Battalion Trail Award

Visit two top-notch local Civil War reenactment groups that also do the occasional Mexican War impression:

1st New Mexico Volunteer Infantry

"Kit Carson's Own"

Artillery Company of New Mexico

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